Best California Payday Loan Online

When consumers apply for a California payday loan online, they get the opportunity to spend the money from their paycheck before their scheduled pay date. These loans are attractive to many consumers because they are fast and convenient. Consumers with less than perfect credit are especially drawn to these loans because most payday loan lenders do not check the borrower’s credit history.

California State Laws Governing Payday Loans

Maximum loan

In order to protect consumers and lenders, the state of California has a few laws governing California payday loan online. All payday loans are based upon the amount of income that the borrower makes. However, no payday loan in California can be worth more than $300.

Loan Term

The length of the term may vary, but most loans are for two week terms.


Under California law, the borrower has the opportunity to apply for an extension, but the lender does not have to grant the extension. However, the borrower cannot repay their payday loan with another loan from the same lender. In fact, the borrower cannot legally get two loans from the same lender even if the sum of both loans is less than $300.

Interest and Fees

The fees that lenders charge may vary, but no payday lender in California is allowed to charge more than 15 percent of the value of the payday loan. That means that the lender could charge a $15 fee for a $100 loan, a $30 fee for a $200 loan, and a $45 fee for a $300 loan. Over a two week term, these fees equate to an annual percentage rate (APR) of approximately 460%. California state law has even tighter restrictions concerning the fee schedule that the payday lender may charge to members of the military and their families. For this reason, many payday lenders refuse to work with military members.

Loan Agreement

The state law also specifies that the loan agreement must be in the same language that was used between the borrower and the lender. Therefore, if the borrower and the lender spoke to each other in Spanish most of the time, the agreement must also be in Spanish and not in English.


When consumers need money quickly, a California payday loan online is one of the best place to get it. As long as consumers understand the laws, they can ensure that they are working with a reputable lender, and they can ensure that their experience is a positive one.

Best California Payday Loan Online

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